The beautiful spring season has now ‘bloomed’.  Vibrant colours are now replacing dark empty spaces, puddles, parks and gardens. The chaos of winter has passed to make way for the rejuvenating springtime. This seasonal change invites us to change also – internally – a change in the way we think and our direction.

With this gentle nudge from nature, it’s time to pause and pay attention to your energy. It’s time to sense your energy, tend to your energy, master your energy and align yourself with the universal and seasonal energy.

Equinox (equal night and day period), namely the spring equinox in the southern hemisphere and the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere, happens when the sun aligns with the equator. It’s this sign that marks the change of season on Earth but one which stirs an inner sense of change, compelling us to make a directional change in life.  For some of us this might mean a “spring clean” or a complete rearranging on all levels of our life.

What requires re-directing in your life?

The period 21st to 23rd September is a great period of opportunity to create something different in your life, a new direction, gain a wider perspective and make sense out of the past chaos! It’s also an opportune time to improve and strengthen your spirituality – spring clean your soul of old baggage, make space for new beginnings. Breathe in the colours of spring, let the soft sunshine paint your skin and warm your soul, giving you fresh motivation and a deeper appreciation of life.

This is your time to shine, to make a difference in the world, challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone and be accountable.  Showing compassion and performing daily acts of random kindness (ARK) are two of the noblest acts we have the power to give. They cost nothing and yet are entirely priceless. There is no coincidence in the acronym ‘ARK’ – Noah’s Ark stood the test of time, perhaps acts of random kindness is the answer in today’s world….

Let’s focus on being one with each other and the world, keeping those close to our heart that have experienced or are going through hardship, tragedy, trauma. If you yourself have gone through these things, you will have met the pain and felt the darkness; you will know just how much love and understanding other souls need going through this. Empathy fuels connection and it is what binds us as feeling beings.

“Empathy during agony is a portion of divinity” –Neal A. Maxwell

When our heart beats it can be felt far and wide- get excited and you will feel your heart beat, experience sadness and you feel your heart beat, feel love and you feel your heart beat…. so let’s send out our LOVE VIBRATION via our heart beats and unify as one for PEACE in the world.

Enjoy this spring my fellow Southern Hemisphere Living “Beings” and along the way nourish yourself with mindful choice of food and drink. For this I have included a nourishing uplifting juice to try.

This refreshing slightly tart drink is perfect for a picnic, blend with ice, fill a thermos and enjoy the great outdoors.


Lemon and green apple thirst quencher

80ml (1/3 cup) lemon juice

6 green apples, stalks removed

Mint leaves to garnish

Pour the lemon juice into a serving jug. Juice the apples through a juice extractor, then add the apple juice to lemon juice and stir to combine, serve garnished with mint leaves and ice.  Makes 2 medium glasses.


Yours in Health,