I’m not sure if you feel the way I do at this time of the year, I seem to have mixed feelings.

When I see the twinkling lights and beautifully decorated shops, homes and streets, an excitement arises, rather like when I was a child, with the feeling of butterflies in the tummy and a racing heart…

…and on the other hand I feel an overwhelming sadness at the commercialism of this time of the year.

Growing up I associated Christmas time with the smell of home-cooked food,Christmas carols by Boney M, visiting family, noisy chatter, relaxing on the beach, window shopping and seeing the Christmas lights strung across the main street of the city!  The highlight for me was the twinkly lights and window shopping.  We’d drive slowly along the main street ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘aahing’ over the bright lights draped across the street and the beautiful sequential flashing of lights that revealed a giant Santa figure in his reindeer-drawn chariot, complete with overflowing presents!!! …I remember imagining myself being one of the reindeer (Rudolf of course) and what it was like to fly through the night sky looking down over each home. I’d always see my home – we never had a chimney so I remember being sad, knowing Santa only came down the chimney to deliver presents… luckily this sadness was soon quelled as I was told that he also has the keys to all homes….*phew* what a relief!

After viewing the lights, we’d park the car and walk down the main street to the large department store windows, peering at all the holiday decorations, the flashing tinsel and fake snow sprayed on the windows. This was our time to choose what we wanted Santa to bring us, provided of course we had been good that year.

I never recalled actually going into a store to choose a gift, I never witnessed my parents actually spending money on a Christmas gift, so I guess these things are what led me to believe that Santa was going to personally deliver my gift by Christmas morning.  This was such a great memory for me.

But with these memories comes the sadness of the blatant consumerism we are all coerced into believing is in the spirit of this beautiful time of year…a few days ago I witnessed a child having a temper tantrum in a large department store over a toy that he wanted, his mother tried to pacify him but to no avail.  She left with him tucked into her waist, holding down his flailing arms while he screamed until I couldn’t hear him anymore…it was at this time a thought ran through my mind;- what an awful time of the year this must be for some people. What pressure some must feel trying to maintain standards, make everything “perfect” for their families. What financial strain it would put on so many people.


What’s it been like for you?   


As the year comes to a close, my wish for you this festive season is to gift yourself some warm, loving self-care. Reflect on the year passed and congratulate yourself on how far you have come. Celebrate your achievements no matter how trivial you believe them to be. That emotional episode. That stressful work period. Family matters. Relationship break-through’s. Home or work projects. Celebrate all of it. Wrap your tired arms around yourself and be proud.

Then perhaps reflect on how you could CREATE MORE and CONSUME LESS. There is a brilliant documentary on Netflix called ‘Minimalism’ showing how attainable and pleasurable a simpler life is, appreciating and valuing all that we have. Find out more at minimalismfilm.com.

In our family we gift each other experiences rather than commercially bought products.  Consider reaching out and showing compassion to someone in need; this is an excellent gift to give someone, it has value beyond what money can possibly buy.  For those of us that feel overwhelmed, try reaching out, there is always someone that cares. Each and every one of us on this blue planet wants to be loved, to feel loved. It is truly universal.

Today is a day, like every day, to be thankful…

…something to consider to keep you healthy thereby making you wealthy, especially during this festive season and at a time of overindulgence.

And speaking of overindulgence, remember, just like a swimming pool requires the correct pH, so does your body in order to run optimally.  Acidity causes long term illness, while alkalinity is the optimum state of the body.  Not all aspects of your body thrive on alkalinity, such as the skin.  This needs to be of an acid environment to protect you from environmental pathogens.  generally, however, the internal environment prefers an alkaline state.

To achieve this, eat clean organic and fresh foods where possible and drink clean fresh water with some lemon juice and mint leaves if you desire – these are both simple ways to reduce excess acidity in the body.  Should you wish to explore a simple homeopathic remedy to help with an acid environment, try tissue salts such as Nat Phos, Calc Phos, or Mag Phos.  However, for a more individualized treatment plan consult with a qualified practitioner for support and advice.


Take care till next time.

Yours in health



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