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Preparing for the Holiday Season, Naturally.

Now that we’re coming out of October and emerging into November, it seems the right time to prepare for the rush that is the holiday season. You probably aren’t the only person who gets carried away with the festivities and celebrations around this time, and more...

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Christmas feels

I’m not sure if you feel the way I do at this time of the year, I seem to have mixed feelings. When I see the twinkling lights and beautifully decorated shops, homes and streets, an excitement arises, rather like when I was a child, with the feeling of butterflies in...

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Seasonal Change is in the Air – Spring Clean Your Soul

The beautiful spring season has now ‘bloomed’. Vibrant colours are now replacing dark empty spaces, puddles, parks and gardens. The chaos of winter has passed to make way for the rejuvenating springtime. This external seasonal change invites us to change also – internally – a change in the way we think and our direction.

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The Optimised Woman – a Short Story on Hormones

They turn children into adults, govern our appetites, put us to sleep and even impact our emotions. With over 80 known hormones working within our bodies, it’s safe to say these chemicals play a critical role in who we are and how we operate. So what is a hormone?...

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Market buys for the approaching winter

The soft autumn colours are slowly fading and winter is just around the corner. With it comes the whispered invitation for us to embrace stillness and introspection. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter correlates with the deep yin, or feminine energy, reflected...

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Caron was first introduced to the concept of homeopathy and natural medicine some 25 years ago. This sparked further interest and with determination, in 2003, she undertook a 5 year degree, qualifying in 2008 with a Master’s degree (M.Tech:Hom) from Durban University of Technology(DUT) South Africa.