“Learning is a treasure that will follow its master everywhere” – Chinese proverb.

Recently I attended a beautiful 5-day business/professional development retreat in Bali alongside various other Naturopaths, as organised by the Natupreneur Club that I am a member of.

This was both an intense and eye-opening experience which, after heavily devoting the last 6 months to my professional development journey, became the wonderful proverbial icing on the cake. Perhaps more importantly however, the experiences of the retreat challenged and grew me personally.

I knew the journey I was on was not solely on developing business skills in order to help a wider range of people, but firstly, on a fundamental level developing strength in who I am and what I have to offer the world.

My personal passion is understanding and helping people and my business is the platform on which I can do this.

We never stop learning, the journey is always ongoing. These waves of change are an important part of that journey and I wanted to share with you all what I have learnt through riding this recent wave of change in Bali with the Natupreneur Club:

1.  DON’T LET self belief become self-limiting belief – when you find yourself in a contraction phase/withdrawal phase or even a breakdown phase of life, know that expansion, release and break-through will always follow.

The most limiting factor is what’s happening inside our heads. Taking the time to learn what breaks you down and what lights/builds you up is the greatest gift to yourself. In my opinion this equates to a strong self belief…and results in healthy self care.

“If I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?” – anonymous

2. UNDERSTANDING and ACCEPTING the shadow/dark side of life is certainly one aspect not to be afraid of. There is no benefit in dwelling on this shadow/dark side of life, remembering “the opposite is also true”…the light side can have so much to offer!  Why not give it a go?

3. BEING FLEXIBLE in what you do and in your being gives rise to a different perspective on life

As an example, picture this: you are sitting on a beach with the ocean to one side and an estuary to the other. You look out over the ocean and see a bank of dark clouds rolling in. The horizon looks gloomy and the sea looks angry but just by merely turning a few of your neck muscles and looking over towards the estuary side you notice the clearer sky with a beautiful orange sunset, calm waters and a flock of birds flying gracefully out towards the sunset. At that moment you chose to turn your head, you changed your perspective of your view. It  is the same in life. Choose to be flexible and you too can change your perspective on the outcome.

“We cannot control the wind but we can direct the sail” – anonymous

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4. SAYING YES can be scary and sometimes damn fearful, but it will always open up so many more possibilities than ‘no’. You may find that you’re required to say no to some things to saying yes to others.. Give it a try and see where you end up. I needed to say a big YES to taking a swing over the rice paddy fields in order to experience joy and soar to new heights. Had my fear won and NO stood its ground I would have not had a chance to experience such joy in that moment and for hours and days thereafter…it was so worth it!!


5. COMPARISON-ITIS (yes just as it sounds, it’s like an inflammatory condition of the mind!). This was a club word we discussed that I found killed my spirit/zest and stole my power. Why not all do yourself a favour and not compare yourself to anyone. Not anyone. REVEL in your individuality – being different will mean you will stand out but who wants to be the same anyway? it would be too boring. I want to shine like a star. I want us all to shine like stars.


6. TRIBE MATTERS, community matters, all living things matter. Find your tribe and that feeling of connectedness. A sense of belonging is important too. Be strong in your individualism but also find and connect with your tribe of fellow unique individuals, as together we are stronger and better. Commit to connect. If you feel you have no-one to connect to, try reaching out to a complete stranger, you’ll be surprised at what’s on the other end of that if you are your authentic self.  Give it a go.

So I hope by sharing what I’ve learnt during the last six months excites you as it excites me. I am prepared to live my best life and my wish for you is to live yours. If I can help you on that journey let me assist you in making those WAVES OF CHANGE.  

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Yours in health and spirit,