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Initial Consultation

90 mins
$ 170

An initial consultation lasts approximately 60-90mins, during this time I will pay special attention to your medical history, which includes past medical history, family medical history, current state of health, as well as mental and emotional state of health. Where necessary side room tests can be ordered, or referral to a specialist may be necessary. Individualised treatments such as naturopathy or homeopathy are considered and where necessary the relevant medication will be prescribed.

Follow up consultation

45 mins
$ 95

Follow up consultations lasts approximately 30-45 mins, it is essential to have a follow up consultation to make sure the treatment plan is working, and where necessary adjustments of the treatment protocols can be made. In many situations these follow ups take place at fortnightly intervals or can be extended to monthly depending on the conditions treated.


A complete therapeutic system of medicine.


Homeopathy is a complete therapeutic system of medicine prescribed to suit the individual needs of each person by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms without toxic side effects. More and more people are becoming concerned about the effect drugs have on the body, particularly in relation to children, pregnant women, the elderly, and immune compromised. Homeopathy being a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a chemical free option and in most incidences are curative and not suppressive. The aim is to treat the individual and the unique reaction to illness as opposed to treating a disease.


According to the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association (ANPA)


“Naturopathy is a distinct and complete system of health care. Six foundational principles underpin the practice of naturopathy: The healing power of nature (Vis Medicatrix Naturae), First do no harm, Find and treat the cause whenever possible, not only the symptoms (Tolle Causum), Treat the whole person, Education and Prevention. These six principles are kept in mind when a naturopath takes your case, develops a treatment plan and also offers maintenance for long term good health.”



“My first consultation with Caron von Bardeleben was at the beginning of September 2009. I have suffered from depression for over 12 years and during all my years of seeking medical help, no-one has touched on what Caron von Bardeleben has achieved in the space of time she has been treating me. I am most grateful for her passion and enthusiasm in what she does, for her advice and time she has given, so carefully explaining the process with compassion and professionalism.
Caron von Bardeleben has shown me that with her help and homeopathy the body can heal itself naturally.”

ref: BCF Nov 09

Caron von Bardeleben joined the Jes Foord Foundation – Empowering rape survivors (JFF) in August 2010 in the capacity of Life Line Counsellor and Naturopath/Homeopath, during her time at the foundation she assisted the foundation at a time when trauma counsellors were desperately needed. Where she was always willing to work at short notice, and would not hesitate to go the extra mile for the survivors or the Foundation’s needs.

Many survivors chose to remain in her care after they completed with the Foundation and received ongoing therapy via naturopathic/homeopathic treatment to assist them in their recovery.

Ref: JFF Oct 14

I have had the pleasure of having Caron von Bardeleben take care of my family since December 2010 as our homeopath.
I have found her to be professional in her approach, conscientious and very helpful in her treatments. In times of worry with my ailing family, she has offered help after hours and she has guided me on specific home use on remedies for our recovery.
On leaving South Africa, she organized for her practice to be taken over by another equally good practitioner, so that the concern of her leaving and the anxiety around change, helped us with the transition. I am grateful to her for this need being met.

Ref: BA Feb 15


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